The Creator put on this earth all peoples with a unique culture and language to occupy a specific territory of land to fulfill His purpose for creation. Thus

we the members of the Kainaawa, a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy; speak the Blackfoot language; among other things, hold Ninastako and Mookowansini as sacred monuments; which among other beliefs include the Sundance; socially and tribally organized into extended families, clans and tribes; govern ourselves according to customs given to our people by the Creator; presently occupying the Blood Indian Reserve lying between the Belly and St. Mary’s rivers; To maintain ourselves under the guidance of our Creator; To initiate a sense of responsibility to our people and nation; To continue to see better means of survival; To provide for an orderly and accepted way of carrying on our culture; To allow for freedom of expression and diversity; and in general, to promote the rights, powers and welfare of our Nation; under the powers we hold as a sovereign people, do ordain and establish the tribal system.